Stapler Poetry NEW!
Delightful poetic verse from around the world. Haiku, Limericks, Love Poems, Sonnets... we got 'em all!
Gallery Additions
See strange new specimens, documented on a recent stapler-hunting expedition.
Stapler Desktops
Download new desktop wallpaper for your computer... so every day is a stapler day!
Stapler Gear
T-shirts, mugs, flying discs, hats, mousepads: everything cafePress has to offer... with staplers on them.
Staple-less Staplers
Enviromentally Friendly Staple Free Stapler. Never Needs Staples!
Staplers in Film
See which films feature staplers. I know you know of one for sure!
Buy the Red Swingline Stapler
Because of the movie Office Space, Swingline finally made a red stapler!
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