1968 Swingline

   This classic Swingline model was sent in by a visitor who has cherished it for many years. Sadly, all his info was misplaced (not properly stapled, most likely)... so if this is YOUR stapler, drop me a line so we can give credit where credit is due.
Paper Stapler (No Staples)

   One of the coolest staplers we've ever seen, this "staple-less stapler" was sent in by our good friend Carl B. Van Wormer. This fascinating device is difficult to explain, so check out the Quicktime movies of its magic!
Drexel Odyssey

   This sleek stapler of the future was sent in by Chris Quintin, a VirtualStapler fan through and through! It is certainly high-tech looking, though it apparently staples in a fairly standard fashion. The big front overhang undoubtedly gives great leverage, however, which will make any stapling chore much easier.
Swingline Hand Plier

   According to its owner, this industrial-looking Swingline is over 30 years old... and still going strong! It uses TOT staples, for whatever that's worth. Love those antiques!
Max Hong Kong Booklet Stapler

   A very polite gentleman from Hong Kong sent in this pic in a somewhat misguided attempt to purchase "stapler bodies" from us. Apparently, this baby can hold 200-220 "pieces of staple," so watch out! Read his slightly confused letter... and here we thought VirtualStapler.com was pretty straightforward in its inanity.
SVAN Stapler

   We love it when proud stapler owners like Kent Boden send in pics of their daily staplers. This weathered beauty is in daily use, and has been for some time from the look of it. A great, old-timey stapler... thanks Kent!
Big White Swingline

   This honker is designed for larger stapling jobs... like stapling the phone book to a dictionary. Let's hear it for leverage!
Bostitch Black Stapler

   Sleek, cool, and oh-so shiny... those Bostitch boys are sure trying to give Swingline a run for their money.
Boston Plain Stapler

   Perhaps the most generic stapler known to man, this Boston is a triumph of function over style. Billed as "contemporary" styling... you be the judge.
Swingline Basic Stapler

   The black plastic version of the classic Swingline shape. No, it's not red... but you can get your fill of red Swinglines on our Office Space pages!
Swingline Red Stapler

   Another triumph of the mundane, this workhorse has stapled more pages in more offices than... well, a lot of other staplers.
Swingline Rubber Stapler

   Earth-tone coloring and a cool rubbery grip are the high points of this stapler. Rounded bottom makes this more of a 'hand-held' stapler than a 'desk top' one.
Swingline Small Stapler

   Because sometimes the coolest staplers are also the smallest. A classy stapler in a tiny package.
Panasonic Electric Stapler

   While electric staplers just don't satisfy in the same way as their mechanical counterparts, we'd be remiss not to include some electrified specimens... so here is a lovely Panasonic.
Bostitch Electric Stapler

   Another electric dandy, at least this one strives to look cool. Once this thing can crank out a cappuchino, we're sold.
Boston Grip II Upright Stapler

   We're not sure what happened with the Grip I, but we're sure they've got all the kinks worked out with the Grip II. This stapler definitely turns the traditional stapler form-factor on its ear.

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