Office Space
Stapler screen shots

Presented below are screen-shots of just about every appearance of the mystical Red Swingline from the movie Office Space (buy it here). Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the image. Remember, all these images are © Twentieth Century Fox, so don't be screwing around with them. We don't want no trouble... we just love staplers!

Stapler Scene 1:
Introducing Milton

Introducing Milton,
Guardian of the Red Swingline.
Can you find the stapler in this shot?

Initech stopped using Swingline staplers, and moved to Boston staplers. But Milton kept his Swingline...

Milton gets a good, close look at his prized stapler. It binds up less than the Boston staplers...

And he's not giving it up without a fight. He even kept a supply of Swingline staples, to ensure compatibility.

Stapler Scene 2:
The Red Stapler

Uh oh, is someone discussing staplers? This can't be good...

Yep... it's that bastard Lumberg. Did he just say "Stapler"?!?

Here he comes... and he's definitely up to something.

Milton brings the prized Swingline a little closer to home. You can never be too careful.

Lumberg lays down some management on poor Milton.

A deer caught in the headlights, Milton's got nowhere to run.

Milton sure doesn't like where this is going... Lumberg's looking a little too closely at the Swingline.

Lumberg makes his move... and snatches the Swingline away!

He's got it! That smug bastard!

Away walks Lumberg, taking the Swingline with him.
"I'll set the building on fire..."

Stapler Scene 3:
From the Ashes...

There's nothing left of the building... or is there?

What's this in the wreckage?

Wait a minute... that's not trash!

"I think I know someone who might want this..."

If you dig this, wait until you see the whole movie... now go buy it!

or go buy a brand new red Swingline stapler.

All images © Twentieth Century Fox, All rights reserved.

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