Wherein we find the Holy Grail of all movie stapler appearances. This is grandaddy of them all. Bask in its majesty! Marvel at the craftsmanship of the Red Swingline prop! Revel in the sheer uholy depth of Lumberg's bastardness!

1) It Begins
Milton's just minding his own business, when he feels a great disturbance in the force.
2) Lumbergh & the Bobs
Sounds like Lumbergh is selling him down the river. " employee we really don't need."
3) What Was That?
Milton figures he might want to do a little stealth reconaissance on this.
4) That Bastard Lumbergh
Yup, Lumbergh's selling him out alright. "He's really not... working out."
5) Oh, That's Not Good
This isn't good at all. He's not still upset about that stapler, is he?
6) The Grudge Revealed
"He went into my office and took a stapler off my desk." Did someone say "stapler?"
7) Shit Just Got Real
Lumbergh definitely just said stapler... Milton is shocked into action!
8) Better...
First things first... Milton decides to bring the prize a little closer to home.
9) Safe...
With the unnerving quickness of the desperate, Milton siezes his only reason for living...
10) ...Than Sorry
Phew, that was close. Better safe than sorry, indeed. Now, nothing to do but wait.
11) Jeez, What a Smug Bastard!
The meeting is over... but Milton sure doesn't like the sound of that derisive laughter.
12) Always Alert
Milton hopes against hope that he'll escape unscathed from this latest torture.
13) Lumbergh Smalltalk
"Hi Milton. What's happening." That disingenuous bastard!
14) Time for Some Management
"Um, I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and move your desk again..."
15) Deer in Headlights
"That way, we'll have some room for some of these boxes and things..."
16) This Feels Like a Setup
In a classic tactical blunder, Milton sneaks a peak at the subtext... the Red Swingline!
17) Oh, There it is
Lumbergh locks on... and his purpose finally becomes clear. That bastard!
18) Lumbergh Makes His Move
"Here, Let Me Just Go Ahead and get that from you." Lumbergh strikes like the snake he is!
19) Great...
Oh, that smug bastard! Lumbergh's got the stapler, displaying his office dominance.
20) Milton, Shocked and Dismayed
Milton, obviously disraught, struggles to form a thought after being so thoroughly bitched.
21) Lumbergh, Victorious
"Thanks a bunch, Milton. Good bye." Lumbergh struts away with his conquest.
22) Milton Unchained
"Ok, but... I'll set the building on fire." Hell hath no fury like a Milton scorned.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1988)
Clark Griswold gets a little careless hanging lights in this comedy classic.
Office Space (1999)
Mike Judge lampoons office culture and inadvertantly creates the most famous stapler in history.
Two Week's Notice (2004)
Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock argue over a magic disappearing stapler.
WayDownTown (2000)
Crazy Candians going slowly insane over a bet to see who can stay inside the longest. Somewhat disturbing.