Twentieth Century Fox. - Directed by Mike Judge - Starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston, Gary Cole, Stephen Root

When Mike Judge created this cynical lampoon of modern office culture, little did he know that he was also lauching the most famous stapler in the history of the world. The infamous "Red Swingline" is a unique movie prop, a modded Swingline Deluxe that is still not available for sale (the Swingline Rio Red 747 is a fine stapler, but an inaccurate substitute.)

And now, for your viewing pleasure... every Red Swingline shot from Office Space.

One of the most famous introductions in film history, Milton and his Red Swingline Stapler are cinema classics. This splash of bright color in an otherwise insanely drab office speaks volumes.

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Miton just wants to be left alone with his stapler, but that damn Lumberg just won't keeps his mitts off it. Perfect comedic economy from Mike Judge, with Stephen Root and Gary Cole just rocking it.

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New beginnings, transformations, following your own path... all these are lessons from Office Space. All these are symbolized by the Red Stapler, which gets a new beginning of its own.

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