Wherein we're introduced to Sandy's stapler, see her in action, then watch the stapler dance around the desk as continuity breaks down. This sequence is foreshadowing for more stapler hijinks later in the film, so stay tuned!

1) Another Day at the Office
Hugh stops by Sandy's office, and finds her feverishly stapling away.
2) Hugh Being Hugh
All that Hugh Grant business, what with the stammering and the mincing and whatnot.
3) Too Bjorn Borg?
No, Hugh... you don't look too Borg-ish. But Sandy seems a bit worked up.
4) Sandy Stackin' Up
Seems she just broke up with her boyfriend, Hansel. Hansel?
5) Don't Staple Angry
Taking out aggression via stapling works, but may damage your equipment.
6) Ka-Bam!
But it looks like that's a Swingline 747 she's banging away on, so it should be plenty sturdy.
7) Really?
Hugh likes the sound of this breakup, obviously. It's a romantic comedy, after all.
8) Screw that Greenpeace Boat
Hansel wanted her on some boat helping someone, somewhere. Well screw that!
9) Oh, Sandy Embraces Life
He said she doesn't embrace life. Does that sound like her? Does it?!?
10) Know Thyself
"Is that the case? Because I just don't see it. I just don't see it." Staple!
11) Maybe it's Her
"Maybe it's me. Maybe the rose colored glasses have finally come off."
12) Headed Off the Rails
Then she misses a staple, and goes a little nuts. Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!
13) Stapler Abuse!
Even uptight limey Hugh can't stand to see a stapler abused so. He whinges into action!
14) A Brave Rescue
With the trademark British elán of a steamed pudding, Hugh sweeps the stapler to safety.
15) Cooler Heads Prevail
"Well we obviously can't leave you alone with a stapler." Thanks for stapler blocking us, jerk!
16) Ok, Here We Go
Hugh sits down, placing the stapler on the desk in front of him. See, there it is.
17) Whoa! It Moved!
Now the stapler has moved itself across the desk, turned sideways, and jammed itself!
18) Back to Hugh for a Moment...
Hugh does some business, adding takes and driving the continuity lady nuts.
19) Agh! It Moved Again!
This time, it just turned toward Sandy... but at least it un-jammed itself.
20) That's Enough for Now
The stapler finally rests, having worn itself out running all over the place.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1988)
Clark Griswold gets a little careless hanging lights in this comedy classic.
Office Space (1999)
Mike Judge lampoons office culture and inadvertantly creates the most famous stapler in history.
Two Week's Notice (2004)
Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock argue over a magic disappearing stapler.
WayDownTown (2000)
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